Green Cleaning

Clean carpets are healthy and great to look at. Of course, when you have your carpet in Cape Cod cleaned by professionals, you want to make sure that they use ecological and green cleaning solutions and techniques, to make sure that not only your carpet is healthy, but the environment is, too.Dryseerv GoGreen Logo


DryServ provides the best green carpet cleaning services Cape Cod and all over South Shore:

  • Specific eco- and green cleaning solutions for each type of carpet and fabric
  • all types of carpet cleaned using green environment friendly techniques
  • Both domestic and commercial residential green carpet cleaning performed
  • Your satisfaction – and clean, healthy carpets – are guaranteed
  • Safe, enviroment friendly and green materials used to clean your carpets

How Does Green Carpet Cleaning Benefit Me?

Green carpet cleaning, in Cape Cod, MA., as elsewhere, is very important. Organic, green carpet cleaning services are the safest and healthiest choice for you. With unique, eco-friendly techniques, such as deep steam carpet cleaning, hot water extraction and of course, using non-toxic and green carpet cleaning solutions, your carpets are kept clean and healthy, making sure that your environment in Cape Cod stays the same, free from chemicals, odors and of course, dirt, sand and stains.

Why Choose DryServ For Green Carpet Cleaning?

DryServ Cleaners trained teams of professional experts have the experience you need, having dealt with all types of carpet and fabrics, using green carpet solutions and techniques, and understanding how to preserve both your carpet and remain eco-friendly. Our teams know how to use the safest products with the specific type of carpet you have, and know how to ensure that your carpet is clean, helping alleviate the situation for people who suffer from allergies, asthma and other breathing issues in Cape Cod.

DryServ Cleaners Is All About Customer Service

At DryServ Cleaners we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to all our clients in Cape Cod and all over South Shore We always ensure that our customers have 100% satisfaction, make sure that the carpets are restored to their previous condition, and excel and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Contact us today for the best carpet cleaning you’ll get!