Pet Odor Removal Cape Cod

Let’s Understand Pet Odor Removal

Urine is carpeting is a severe problem that requires major restoration work, not just simple cleaning and treating. Pet urine is generally left at the same place on the carpet over time and the odor and stain can accumulate, and you will need pet urine odor removalUrine odor removal cape cod services. Since it is liquid, it penetrates the carpet backing and even the flooring underneath. Even when it dries out, pet urine crystallizes and stays within the carpet and surrounding materials.


Pet urine smells, particularly when deposited at the same place in the carpeting, and permanent until correctly removed.

There have been a number of over the counter and specialized urine and pet odor removal products available on the market, but none of them seem as comprehensive as Precision Carpet & Upholstery Care’s pet odor removal procedures.


Removing Pet Odors

Encompassing areas where the pet urine has permeated must be treated, not just the carpet stains when removing pet odors. Our pet odor removal solutions and products are specially formulated and tested for elimination of pet urine odors — once and for all. It’s also a system which includes cleaning of carpet, pads, sub floor, baseboards and tack strips. This thoroughness in cleaning surfaces guarantees complete removal of stains and smells. If surfaces have to be replaced or shellacked, this can be done also. Each stain is different so a variety of solutions might be considered and can be used.

For removal of pet stains and smells from upholstered furniture, take into consideration our upholstery cleaning service, and possibly our carpet cleaning services as well. Carbonated cleaning processes and solutions are very effective here to help get rid of pet stains and odors. With a final hot water extraction – furniture looks like new and unsightly stains and odors are removed.

Considering that all of this cleaning is because of pets, it’s wise to check to make certain products used are safe for kids or dogs and cats. Since these kinds of products are used in your home, they’re designated safe for use.

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