vinyl floor cleaning cape cod

DryServ Cape Cod is home to businesses large and small, but whether you are a large business or a small business regular basis floor waxing can make your office space shine! Floors are exposed to a lot of abuse, whether it is hard heeled shoes, sand or salt tracked in during the winter keeping your floors clean can improve the way your business looks and feels. Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring a floor waxing service for your business in Cape Cod, MA.

1. Reason #1 Look Professional

Dirty unkept floors can make a room feel darker, unpleasant and dirty. Floor waxing involves stripping your floors and re-applying a new protective finish. Many scratches and stains that are visible on your floor are typically inflected on the current layer of finish which when removed and re-applied will make your floors shine again. Clean floors will make your business look professional and more inviting.

2. Reason #2 Safety

Dirt, scratches and slippery areas on your floors all create potential slip hazards for you and your employees. Having your floors stripped and waxed involves removing any dirt deposits and applying a new surface that will not have any scratches or slippery areas due to moisture or oils. Floor waxing is essential for maintaining a safe office.

3. Reason #3 Save Money

When the current protective seal on your floors wears to the point that the flooring is exposed, permanent damage can be done to your flooring.  Regular basis floor cleaning services will protect your floors and increase their longevity.