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Tired of Tracked In Dirt??

Foot traffic and the build-up of dust and dirt do a lot of damage to your carpet. DryServ, the industry experts, clean your carpets to restore them like-new again! DryServ has been cleaning carpets for 10 years and rising to the top as the number one carpet cleaning cape cod service that customers depend on. Our carpet cleaners flush out dirt so that your carpet is beyond clean! DryServ now at (508) 377-6063 for a professional cleaning which will extend the life of your carpet.

Embarrassed of Carpet Stains??Carpet Cleaning Cape cod

Do you avoid having guests over because of the many spills and spots on your carpets? DryServs carpet cleaners are specialists in spot-removal. They are trained to use the best equipment and cleaning solutions, ridding your carpet of all dirt and stains. DryServ carries out a deep base cleaning, and then we pull out all the stops to eliminate those problem spots! Rug cleaners trained by DryServ have been winning the battle over stains since 1998. Contact us now at (508) 377-6063 for carpet cleaning cape cod and expert stain removal.carpet cleaning cape cod

Disgusted with Carpets Odors??

Is pet odor in your carpet making you cringe? Not a problem. With our carpet cleaning, DryServ also transforms stale carpets to those that are fresh and clean again. Whatever the cause of your carpet odor, food and drink spills, toddler or pet accidents, DryServs cleaning carpet system works with spectacular results. We will eliminate those unwanted odors, just call (508) 377-6063 for your carpet cleaning cape cod today.

Clean Carpet Healthy Home

Its important to provide a clean and healthy environment for your family. The condition of your carpet affects the amount of dirt and allergens in the home. DryServs carpet cleaners will dislodge the dirt, get rid of stains and pollutants, and give you a refreshed and clean carpet once again. Call DryServ now at (508) 377-6063 for any of your carpet cleaning cape cod needs and we will provide you with cost-effective solution for your carpet cleaning

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